Episode 33: Inside Out

This week we review Pixar’s new emotional animated adventure, Inside Out. Christopher Meister joins us at Films of the Future headquarters to discuss the current state of children’s films and we debate if there was or wasn’t a gray Care Bear. Plus, another email from Patrick in Vancouver.

WARNING: This may be a kids movie but this ain’t a podcast for kids. Totally NSFW.

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Episode 33 Notes

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Inside Out Official Trailer 


  1. Paul Martin Kreft · June 12, 2015

    I decided to evaluate this episode before I heard it and have to say that I am disappointed. I would expect great insight into childhood angst, disillusionment, and fear… and I suspect these topics are skirted in favour of glib existential quips. As a society can we ever evolve beyond simply rearing our children to the point where we create in them the ability and desire to move themselves to a place of reflection and self awareness beyond which the boundaries of the extremes as well as the internal dialogues which are, in fact an external manifestation of the larger truths become, in reality a much greater potential for all to exhibit within the totality of the being? Have you considered that? Have you?


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